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The Debate
October 8, 2008, 10:50 am
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I watched the Obama and McCain debate last night at the Democratic Local Headquarters close to where I live.  I noticed that people paid attention and were respectfull even when McCain started on the same old tirade.  There was potluck and people committed to a cause and barely a seat in the house.  Some folks were even standing to watch. 

What I heard was what is nearest and dearest to my heart from Obama.  What his plan is when he is POTUS, (A new term I just picked up recently), and how he will lead this United States that I love out of the morass of the past eight years. 

There hasn’t been a whole lot to be proud of lately as an American.  In the richest country in the world I see homeless people in my area scrounging trashcans for aluminum cans and sleeping on the street.  I know some may be drug addicts, but many are mentally challanged pushed out of the system and onto the streets.  I see few jobs for the young people out of high school because the jobs they used to have are now mostly overseas.   I see less places for young people to gather and socialize like when I was a kid.  I see school systems that fail some our children.  I see roads that clearly have needed to be repaired for a long time.  I see more and more vacant stores and shops and houses with for sale signs.  I see a public crisis for low income people to get the health care they need with long lines and red tape attached.  In a word, I see a lot of despair. 

Senator McCain, I am voting for Barack Obama and this is why: 

He has a plan for the future and maybe he won’t be able to push that plan through but at least he has a plan.  He doesn’t have a lot of baggage to bog him down in government and seems to be able to pick the best people for his team like he picked Biden.  He can think out of the box, and is more proactive than reactive.  He is calm and intelligent and has also walked in the shoes of the American people on his way to the White House.  Most of all, he inspires people to have hope. 



Didn’t we just do that with the Bailout Plan?
October 8, 2008, 1:07 am
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I watched the Presidential debate tonite with interest in hearing what the candidates would do about two of my top priorities, namely the economy and healthcare.

I am not sure I understand what John McCain said about his plan to fix the economy or was he just making it up as he went along.  His plan to buy up bad mortgages left me very confused.  I thought we just did that with the bailout?  Maybe I have it wrong but his idea seems awfully familiar to a what Paulson said several weeks ago. 

On the healthcare issue everything I have read and heard from my friends favors Obama’s plan.  It was a little clearer tonight and I will look more deeply into what each candidate offers, but one thing is very true.  I agreed with Obama on his answer to one of the questions, that Healthcare is a right.  John McCain said it was a responsibility, but didn’t say whose responsibility. 

In my life I have had good healthcare plans through my employers.  I am more fortunate than my sister.  When she fell several times because of a weak ankle, and asked for a referral from her doctor to see a specialist, she was told that she needed to fall a few more times before it would be warranted.  So in this era of preventative healthcare (bullshit) my sis needs to go break something to get to see a real foot doctor.  In my humble opinion, that just isn’t fair.  All healthcare plans are not equal. 

Well enough rambling for tonite, more tomorrow on the debate.