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Weekly Roundup 10-17-2009

On the News

Eight corporations control most of what we see on the television.  They can report on or not report on what is important to their well being as corporations.  You are all worried out there about what the government controls, but eight corporations have control over what we read, see and hear.  Thank goodness for public radio and NPR.

On Prescription Ads on Television

I think the Pharma companies could save a lot of money if they stopped marketing their drugs on television, radio and in print.  I trust my doctor to give me the drugs I need.  Please stop selling your goods and telling me about all their side effects cause I really don’t care.  You are just as bad as the cigarette companies used to be.  Sell the drugs to the doctors please.  If the doctors don’t like it then I don’t.

On Keith Bardwell, Justice of the Peace, Hate

Justice Keith Bardwell Justice of the Peace in Louisiana refused to marry an interracial couple and claims to not be a racist.  Grow up and follow the laws in your state.  I hear so much about constitutional protection and holding the constitution so dear, how about following it.  And you probably thought no one would ever know how racist you are.  Guess What.  The same day you did this folks across the nation knew all about It thanks to a little thing called the internet.  Get used to it.  We will continue to stand up against bigotry where ever it still lurks here in America.

On Rush Limbaugh

Sorry Rush, you lose out on the Rams because of your racist comments.  Glad to see that you have a penalty like other folks for behaving badly.  You never served any time in jail for your drug use because of all your fancy lawyers, so now I am pretty glad that you have to finally pay a price.  It’s about time. 

On Fox News

Who?   Gee, I don’t happen to have them on my television.  Could it because I never programmed my remote to go to their channel..   Oh yes..  I forgot about that one. I manage to find my entertainment elsewhere.

On former Pres George Bush Sr.

STFU.   I don’t think I have ever said that to a president.  You and your son are the only ones I have ever had a strong opinion about.  And it isn’t a good opinion.  Stop pointing fingers elsewhere and pick up the trash in your own back yard.  Texas is number one in executions, industrial pollution, murders and children in poverty.   Fishsticks and Vinegar, yum, yum, yum, yum
Texas is number one
Fishsticks and Vinegar

On Balloon Boy

It was a mistake, please stop talking about it.  The last thing I want to see on TV is some kid barfing.  Please.

On the stock market hitting 10,000

I don’t trust it, and I don’t see it in MY paycheck.  I have to believe that the only reason companies are seeing profits are because they have fewer employees. I mean look around, houses still in foreclosure, people out of work, homelessness, there is a disconnect here and things just don’t feel okay. 

 Wall Street and Reform Bill Moyers Journal

World Food Day

Help a hungry person every day, or two or three.  And do not believe what they say on TV about the programs available to people in the US.  The demands of the people that are in need often are greater than what is available.  Food banks are overwhelmed.  Social programs like food stamps take so long and take so much red tape to maneuver through that people often give up.  If you have food to spare, help when you can.  See the side bar under donations for places to donate if you cannot help directly. 

On Where the Wild Things Are

I can’t wait to see this and I am tickled that Arcade Fire has some songs in the movie.  I first heard this splendid Canadian band a few years ago. 


Send George Bush Packing
December 7, 2008, 9:41 pm
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Only a link today but one I think you will like. 

Send George Bush Packing